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The nerve-racking task of selling one's home can be a stressful experience without the assistance of a real estate agent. These days, many South Africans are quite adamant about selling their homes on their own. This proves to be a misguided route to take, as the seller realises the pressure they have created for themselves. The use of an estate agent eases the stress and pressure on the seller and makes the entire process run more smoothly.

We take a look at the benefits of using an established agent, instead of going solo.

1. Selling Doesn’t Need to be Stressful
Without the use of an estate agent, sellers need to be ready for the rocky road ahead of them. Selling by one's self comes with lots of stress; stress that doesn’t need to be there. The enlisting of an agent allows the seller to sit back and relax while all the show-days are run, phone calls are taken and advertising is published.

2. Exposure, Exposure, Exposure
The best way to sell one’s home is to make sure that it gets seen; people need to know it’s for sale. What better way to do this than by using newspaper advertisements, online advertising and show-days. These are areas in which agents are trained and experienced.

3. Pricing and Objectivity
Most sellers have an emotional connection with their homes, and expect the buyer to have the same feelings. The problem with this it that, the seller often over-estimates the value of their home, leaving it harder to sell and thus sitting on the market for much longer than it should.


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